by Ethan Gray

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released November 13, 2013



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Ethan Gray Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ethan Gray is a singer/songwriter from Minneapolis, MN.

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Track Name: Thrift Shop Honesty
The colors are faded
And confidences traded
Over the counter
With every reason to doubt her
Recycled bits and piesces
Make up everything that she says
Even though I miss you
I can't get anything that's just the truth

I'll shop around, let me take my time
But nothing's worth more than a dime
Is this the kind of life you lead?
This thrift shop honesty?

Sit back and peruse the shelves
Don't buy the lies she tries to sell
Pick it up, you can see right through it
Threadbare, how'd I know you'd do this?

Can you explain
Why you drive me insane?
We don't want you to be the one to blame
Let all your guards fall, let go of your shame
Track Name: Waking Up
Took a picture a picture, got a random thought
Incorporated all the paths I walked
They take me to the place where'll become
a person who ends up listening

The climate's changing, the world might end
at least the one the one that I've been staying in
Don't have to stay
Don't want to stay

Getting up
I'm waking up
From my optimal reality
Waking up
I'm burning up
Just wake me up and let me see

Five days, ran away
Heard everything you had to say
Biding time, staying calm
While I'm wondering "has it been too long?"
Don't want to stay
I'm missing you everyday

Fire keeps burning me away inside
Exposes everything I wanted to hide
Anything I used to be is going to die
A phoenix is about to rise
Track Name: Voiceless
They line our streets with gold
but everybody knows
it’s built upon the backs of the poor

Walk out of another church service
yet you still get nervous
when you see the homeless man on the side of the road

He screams “Father, won’t you help me?
I need to show them
that they’re singing worthless songs
They need your justice
‘cause they’re staying silent
to a world that’s doing us wrong"

It’s a one man chorus
singing something else
than the noise of American wealth
No one is voiceless
we just drown them out
so will you sing with him now?
La di da da...

Turn on the radio to try and block his screams
but it’s just static on every station, so you dream his dream
we can stand by those who need us
stand and sing with Jesus
Track Name: We Are the Love
We lock ourselves inside of comfortable cages
Television looks at us and gauges
How much we need, what we should need
Isn’t that the American Dream?

Down the street, there’s a tired man
Cardboard sign and an old tin can
Scrawled in sharpie, he pleads for grace:
“I’m not a sickness, I’m part of the human race”
Human race

We are the Love
Beautifully broken
We’re on fire because of
The words that you’ve spoken

There’s a single mother
Lost her man in a car wreck
Now she’s living for her daughter
But she’s living check to check
People see her on the street
Say she sucks us dry on her welfare
She’s got no freedom of speech
‘Cause no one listens; no one cares


We are the hands
We are the feet
But are we living like it?
In foreign lands
Or on our street
Are we living like it?

Track Name: Clumsy
I know I treat you different
than I did before
I just don't want to hurt you again
and send your heart crashing to the floor
So in the moonlight
I'll try to make it right

I don't like to dance
but you make me want to
If you give me the chance
I swear I'll only step on a toe or two
you make the moon jealous tonight
'cause it can't compete with the light in your eyes

I'm a little confused
who am turning out to be?
Don't think I'm the best thing for you
But I know you're the best thing for me
So in the moonlight
I'll try to make it right

Tragedy, dishonesty
all that I turn out to be
Is countered by a loving smile
and your hand in my hand
Can I have this dance?